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You don’t know the Ciciban brand yet?

The company Cipele Ltd. was created to bring you the Ciciban brand into Slovakia. The Ciciban brand is know especially in the countries of ex-Yugoslavia. There, going back to 1908, it has got a nearly 100-year-old tradition. The birthplace of Ciciban is the small town of Miren, located in Slovenia, near the Italian border.

The Ciciban brand manufactures mainly children‘s shoes, being in tune with all the details and needs of a child’s little foot. The little shoes are made out of natural materials, using a technique respecting the nature of a child’s little foot and especially its genuine development. The funky shoe design as well as the large colour chart will spirit away children and also their parents.

And how does the little shoe look like from the inside? Look at its sketch and you will understand how comfortable it is to wear it and you will read everything that is wholesome on it for the child’s foot.


More informations about the Ciciban brand you will find on www.ciciban.info

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