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We are parents and we know how difficult it is to bring up children, all the things they need and want, but also everything we do for them gladly. How to dress, to shoe our child, which toys to buy for him or her? There are lots of things on the market and it is hard to choose. We know about all the things that we consider while choosing children’s things. We are inspired by the beauty but affected by the price. The price is of interest but the quality disappoints us.

We aim to bring you high-quality products, perfectly designed and affordable.

And how to choose rightly for the children?

Do you know when should the parents look for the first little shoes? Children are beginning to get up on their feet individually, but mostly it‘s from the 8th month and they do the first steps in the 10th month. That’s the time to start thinking about buying the first shoes. The right choice is important. Wrongly chosen footwear can damage the healthy development of the child’s sole and the consequences can be for the whole life.

The child’s foot needs enough of place in the shoe for the little toes and therefore it’s more advisable to choose shoes with rounded toe boxes. The most appropriate shoe wear is made out of natural materials which can easily adapt to the shape of the foot, it is permeable to air and absorbs sweat. The sole should be sufficiently flexible, at the same time it should be enough high to absorb shocks as much as possible while walking - while the impact of the foot onto a hard surface and not to sense every stone.

Shoes without possibility of tightening on the foot are entirely inadequate for small children. The shoe wear has to be either to lace, or with a hook and loop strap closure. For the absolutely smallest children are ankle shoes the most adequate ones. The inside pad should be anatomically designed because if the inside of the shoe is flat, it damages the arch of foot. Rubber-textile or all rubber footgear is completely improper for longer wear.

Children’s shoes have to be enough flexible, they should cooperate with the tootsies while walking and they shouldn’t be too much heavy. A child does 18 to 20 thousand steps a day and heavy shoes charge a lot the child’s locomotor system.

And all this you will find in our store.

While buying shoes without children, don’t forget that the size of shoe doesn’t have to be the determining factor. Besides diverse sizing depending on the country, we also encounter different sizing of individual manufacturers. In our store, we will measure the foot of your child and we will find out which size and type of shoe is the most appropriate.

The actual offer of shoes, slippers, socks and other accessories is ready in the icons on the left side.

You should control the children’s shoes regularly, if the child hasn‘t grown. At the pre-school-age once in 2 to 3 months, later once in 5 months. When the children wear small shoes for a longer time, permanent foot damage arises.

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